Masquerade Ball!

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I went to Jessixa and Aaron Bagley's masquerade ball wedding party. We had been waiting for months for this party to arrive – ever since their wedding ceremony way back towards the beginning of the year. But finally it came, and we were ready.

We spent a couple of hours preparing, we had rented costumes about a month before out in Bellevue, at a place called A Masquerade. It took some time getting it together; pulling on long black jackets, cinching up petticoats, and donning giant wigs over our powdered white faces. Finally we were off, and we took the chance to show off our finery with a casual stroll down the north end of Broadway. The masquerade ball was held at the creepily named Daughters of the American Revolution Mansion on the corner of Harvard and Roy. It is a beautiful building though, and it added a nice touch to the evening's festivities.

The party itself was incredibly fun. The costumes were amazing and everybody there had such a good time. The lovely hosts were great, we got to hang out with many of our favorite friends, there was plenty of wine to go around, and there was a giant dancing horse that spit prizes out of both ends. What else can be said? (And did I mention I won best costume?) Maybe I can say a little more, I'll try with this series of photos:

oroboros on 11/11/2007 3:24:38 PM