Prague in August

I have finished up another set of Prague photos. These were taken between August 6th and 8th. In that time frame we did a lot of roaming through Mala Strana, Old Town, and New Town; and wandered a little south to Vinhorady. We also traveled over to Zizkov, a neighborhood with far less tourism and yet still jam packed with both architectural wonders and public art oddities, including the Zizkov TV Tower, which gives a great view of the greater Prague area (and also houses very memorable floating comfy chairs).

I don't think it is the fact that one year ago today we arrived in Prague that leaves me feeling nostalgic for our visit. This feeling has been simmering in me a lot lately. There is so much to see in this teeming green city: it is a wonder of history (as I made plain on my last post), and perhaps the original home of the iconoclast of the western world (Bohemian has been synonymous with nonconformists since at least the 15th Century).

Over the course of the six nights we stayed we got to see a pretty good portion of the legacy of Prague, but in truth we barely scratched the surface of its 'Real' experience. Not only is there so much more sights to see, there is also the lived world of the Praguer that we barely were able to glimpse; a world that at once is steeped in the familiar trappings of Western civilization, but also a world that cannot escape its own hyper-particular historic circumstance.

I hope I was able to convey some portion of these musings in the photos that follow. And expect one more pictorial rumination on Prague before I move on to a heap of photo albums from Berlin. Enjoy!

oroboros on 8/3/2019 11:36:18 PM