Summer in Montreal, Part 2

So the truth of the matter is, I love Montreal. This visit cemented it for me. There are some places in the world, though not many, that speak to my spirit. It's like they are a second home, or familiar in some way that is a little hard to describe. It has to do with the atmosphere, the mood of the people on the street, and the joy that comes from even the most casual interactions. Like I said, there aren't many places that stir me in that way; Amsterdam is one, and so is Barcelona. And in this trip to Montreal I realized it was among them.

Of course visiting with family was a part of that experience, we were overjoyed to be able to spend so much time with Kenny, Anne-Marie, David-Olivier and Lawrence. And watching the kids instantly become so familiar with each other was like magic. Maybe it is something in the air of the city, I don't know. But Montreal is definitely a unique place in the world, and I am happy I have been able to experience it.

In this second album there are lots more photos from our wandering the streets; an entertaining set from our visit to Vieux Port with Kenny, Ann-Marie and the kids; and a few from a trip to La Ronde, a huge amusement park that all three kids loved. Hopefully they convey at least a little of the magic that sets Montreal apart for me. enjoy!

oroboros on 10/7/2016 11:58:18 AM