To Montreal, Part VI

I've finished! I have my Montreal photos all together. Of the 1400 or so I took I managed to pair them down to a mere 350. To some of you (well, to all of you) that may still seem like a lot. But don't worry! Instead of posting them all at once I've decided to break the total down into six consumable parts, and to give you a rest I'll only post another set every couple of days or so.

So my first set – I am posting the sets in reverse chronological order so when I'm finished they will in the right order from top to bottom on the page – where taken during the last three days of our stay in Montreal, July 6th through 9th. It also includes our impromptu overnight stay in Toronto (we got stranded due to inclement weather, but don't expect much there). I hope my photos convey at least of fraction of the great time we had seeing old Montreal and visiting our fun and gracious hosts Kenny, Anne-Marie, David Oliver and Breve.

oroboros on 10/3/2010 3:39:30 PM