The Hawaiian Trip, Part 3

So Tuesday was the day we went to the Volcano. It was a fabulous trip, but there was a very thick haze that day and many of the scenic views were obscured. The smell of sulfur was everywhere, and ultimately we were turned back by the rangers less than a third of the way around Kilauea crater because concentrations of toxic sulfur dioxide fumes were making the area too dangerous to travel in.

I ended up taking far fewer pictures that day, and ultimately the exposure to the toxic fumes got the better of me and the sniffle I thought was only allergies turned into a full blown cold. That means I took a lot less pictures the rest of the trip, and this is why there is only three parts to my Hawaiian series. Never the less I did remain as active as I could – I managed to go snorkeling a couple of times, went on an all day trip to the Hilo side of the Island, and took everyone out to an incredible meal at Brown's Beach House. But man did I end up feeling crappy in paradise.

But every minute was still worth it, I hope that comes out in these photos. The themes of the remaining days include the return of banyan trees, crashing waves, volcano craters, and steaming jungles.

oroboros on 3/14/2008 9:30:55 PM