Goin' Out West to Oregon

Our annual pilgrimage to Oregon was a couple of weeks back, and we had a blast! After a 5½ hour trip to Portland, which would've been a 3 hour trip if there hadn't been a nasty accident just north of Tacoma and rains south of Chehalis that gave us about 15 feet of visibility, we had a great night out on the town. Alex and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get out even though Tillie was sleepy and not exactly in a stellar mood. But it turns out, and we had no idea, that Tilia is a natural party animal. Once we hit the lobby of our hotel she was ready to go, smiling and swaggering, and paint the town red.

The next day we ransacked Powell's and headed to the coast, which was fabulous. It was great to see Alex's parents and they were so excited to see Tillie. Even though we make this trip yearly in October the weather is always great, and this year was hardly an exception. There was high winds on the first day, and a lot of fog rolling in and out throughout our stay. But that only adds to the drama of my photos – I hope you enjoy!

oroboros on 10/31/2009 3:17:55 PM