Winter Starts in California

Last year we trekked to California for Christmas. It was one of the last "routine" trips to California we will take, beyond which we will have to make effort to go visit. With Alex's parents moving up to the area in something like a year and a half, we will gain a lot from having the family close. It will mean closer bonds for Tillie, and for us. They are wonderful people and it will enrich our family to have them near by.

But our yearly trek down the coast will be missed. The foothills in the colder months can be as cold and as dark as Seattle's worst days. But the sunny days, which are far more prevalent then the great northern gray skies that come to dominate our lives up here, are like a warm and sudden breath of fresh air . And even more so in San Francisco. People keep saying it is so cold there on the peninsula. But when I am standing there on the corner of Mission and 6th in late December and it is comfortably in the the 60's, I got to say, I look back and forth and say out loud, "I don't think so", and think to myself about how those people need to get out of California more often.

This trip included a visit to the Miwok "Indian" Grinding Rock State Park there in Amador county (where there had been a forest fire during the summer), my first walk the entire length of Rancho Canyon Road, and in San Francisco the Sutro Baths and the Palace of Fine arts. All of which you will see below. Each photo is just a mere instant of my trip (and needless to say an incredibly slanted view of what is to be found in these places), I hope you enjoy my sights.

oroboros on 6/2/2017 10:56:23 PM