At the What Have You

My new toy is a Hoya R72 infrared filter for my Nikon D50. It filters out nearly all light in the visible spectrum and allows light that is mostly in the infrared spectrum through to the camera's digital sensor. And it works very well – the only visible light I can see when looking through my D50's viewfinder is when I have it pointed at the sun. Even though this makes composition complete guesswork, the results are amazing.

Gibson and Ellen had their annual July birthday bash last weekend, and it gave me an excellent opportunity to test my new toy out. I am happy with the photos, and also surprised by some of the results. One of the strangest results I got was the photo of Amie and Elijah, posted below. Not only did Elijah's black Batman hat turn white, but Amie's sunglass lenses completely disappeared as if they had popped out. Have a look and the pics and enjoy!

oroboros on 8/2/2008 12:07:46 PM