St. Declan's Church & Arrival in Cork

Another stop we made on our way down towards Cork in the southern part of Ireland was in the town of Ardmore. What attracted me to this site, in my historical nerdiness, was the ruined St. Declan's Church which sits on a hill of above the town.

The site was originally an abbey founded by St. Declan in the 4th century, predating St. Patrick's legendary trip to Ireland by several decades and thought to be the first Christian community in Ireland. The abbey however is long gone and current structures on the site are a Norman church dating from the 12th century and a tiny oratory from the 8th century under which St. Declan is thought to be buried. It was an interesting stop, and our last before we got to the wonderful city of Cork.

oroboros on 12/12/2011 8:36:39 PM