Return to Paris

Arriving back in Paris was bitter sweet. We wanted to stay longer in Barcelona, and our return to Paris meant our vacation was almost over. But there was still fun to be had. We also stayed in an area we were less familiar with, the 15th arrondissement in the southwest corner of the city (just east of the Eiffel tower along the Seine), which afforded a lot of new discoveries.

By sheer dumb luck we got a hotel room on the top floor, the 31st, of the Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel. And it was one of the corners, we could see the Eiffel Tower out one side, and the view north overlooking the Seine and La Defense out in Courbevoie out the other.

The view was stunning and unexpected, and ensured our trip would at least end in style. Also included are shots from our meanderings around Paris's great canal, Canal Ste Martin.

oroboros on 2/6/2016 2:10:05 PM