The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel was one of those must-see places for me, and it didn't disappoint. The Rock of Cashel looms large in the history of Ireland. It was the seat of the 'High Kings' of Munster, one of the ancient kingdoms of Ireland, from at least the 5th century until the 12th century invasion of the Normans.

The current buildings standing on the Rock are a 12th century tower and chapel, a 13th century cathedral and a the remains of a castle mostly built in the 15th century. Except for the Hall of the Vicars Choral which houses a small museum, the buildings are in total ruin and about half of which were undergoing renovation when we were there.

It rained off and on, but that was no deterrent (even for Alex in her thin sweatshirt) and we all had a great time and were super excited to be there.

oroboros on 11/12/2011 2:50:42 PM