Vancouver in Two Seasons

Last year we made three trips up to Vancouver. One visit was in the spring, another quick visit in summer, and the last was a winter trip (well, technically in the new year, but close enough to count) with well loved friends Justin and Adam.

We generally make it up there at least once a year, so we had a pretty solid year of Canadian travel, quite above average. And if you count the visit to Montreal in mid-summer you could say we are probably 50% Canadian by now (give or take).

It was quite interesting to see the changing of the seasons up there, even some of the same scenes. I also got to visit the Museum of Anthropology during our summer visit, a personal favorite going back before the beginning of time, and it was a thorough enjoyment for us all. So what's not to love? And why am I not Canadian yet? These, and possibly many more questions, are (perhaps) answered in the photos to the left.

oroboros on 7/28/2017 10:27:43 PM