Blarney Castle and Gardens

Let me just be up front about it, I had to go to Blarney Castle. I know, it's probably as far as you can get from the real Irish experience anywhere on the island, but how can you beat hanging backwards and head first over a soggy castle wall some 60 feet above the ground to kiss a stone that has been slavered over by the lips of countless millions?

Well I can tell you, and it's a pretty hard one to beat. To be suspended over the breach by a humorless old man who must've been sitting at that spot for decades and barely left me the time to kiss the stone, to have flash bulbs popping off to capture the moment as I struggled with the reality of the endless gulf yawning below me – a priceless memory for only €8 down in the gift shop – no, there's something in it that I had to do and just can't be beat.

And that's not even to mention the lush 60 acres of mystifyingly beautiful arboretums, gardens and wetlands on the castle grounds. Even in the morning's torrential rain that castle and gardens was a visit not to be missed, and I would definitely do it all again.

oroboros on 1/2/2012 8:12:37 PM