Summertime, When the Living is Easy

A few weeks ago Alex and I went camping for three days with the Holubs on Mt. Rainier. We had a great time, Alex and I hadn't been camping for years. The weather was amazing, every meal was a feast, there was wine for all, and the Holubs are the best of company.

We also hiked a good deal, but on one hike I managed to break my glasses and lose one of my lens caps on a scree-filled trail. But I wasn't fazed, I was having too good of a time to get irritated by it. I could replace the glasses and lens cap (which I'm still working on, by the way), and besides – there were so many great photos to be taken I never had the lens cap on for very long.

Last year there was a lot of flooding on the mountain, and there were roads and trails entirely washed out that still haven't been repaired. We camped along the White River, and the whole flood plain was strewn with debris. The trails leading up the mountain were just gone in places, and in order to continue we had to climb over boulders and hastily trimmed log jams. It was such a mess that the Forest Service left a trail of caution tape to mark the safest passage over the rubble. It was a little challenging, but the hike was probably my favorite over the weekend.

oroboros on 9/1/2007 11:16:21 AM