Prague the Third

I am finally prepared to share my last set of photos from Prague, which were taken between the 8th and 10th of August, again in the central part of the city. As our time was coming to an end in this beautiful and unique city, we realized once again that we had only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. The Czechs had only slightly revealed themselves in their Bohemian garb, and on the 10th all we were left with was a week's worth of scattered memories interspersed at random with photos.

Below you'll find the now familiar neighborhoods of the inner city easily travelled on foot: a paddle boat ride interrupted by diluvian rainfall (we made a run for it, without success), the Slav Epic by the Czech art nouveau auteur Alphonse Mucha, and a massive revolving Kafka head mirror sculpture.

From here, on a humid August morning, we took a ride to the central station and boarded the Train to Berlin. We did not know if we will ever be able to return, and still don't; there are so many places to see I will never be able to see them all, Prague is a distant city and costly to travel to. But it is such a singular place—just to walk its streets is an incomparable adventure. Of any place I want to return to, Prague is one that would be the most rewarding experience.

oroboros on 11/3/2019 1:37:59 PM