Aughnanure Castle

We found the last castle of our Ireland trip after Tilia woke from a nap. It was the closest place to where we were on the road where Tillie could get outside and play. The castle, Aughnanure, which means field of yews, was home to prominent members of the rebellious O'Flaherty clan for several centuries.

It was a fine ruin with a very interesting and layered past, but I think the best part about visiting this castle was the friendship that Tilia struck with an eight year old French girl named Louise. I was up in the top levels of the keep when it happened, but I was later told that Alex was talking with Louise's mother and Tilia sidled up to Louise, got her attention, made her laugh, and the rest was history.

We all know of Tilia's natural charm and confidence in approaching others, and here is living proof that to her language is no barrier to making new friends.

oroboros on 1/29/2012 5:57:26 PM