Cashel to Limerick

After Knowth we spent the later afternoon driving southward, not panicked but certainly alert whilst on the wrong side of the road (and wrong side of the car) hurtling down the Irish freeways at speeds of 120 kph. Before we left I was wondering why Ireland was one of the countries our insurance company wouldn't cover our rental car in, but after being on the roads there, with those speed limits – many of the tiny curvy roads that would be marked as 25 mph speed limits were easily double there, and crazily enough sometimes more. Driving there is not only a study in driving opposites, it was also, so early in the trip, a study in reflexes and frayed nerves.

But it got better quickly. Even by the time we got down to the city of Cashel I had gotten pretty comfortable behind the wheel. And the next day, along with a visit to the Rock of Cashel, left me behind the wheel for much of the day. Here is a set taken during a few of our stops along the road from Cashel to Limerick.

oroboros on 11/10/2011 5:23:44 PM