Riding Flojo and Other Random Shots

The day we went to Cahir Alex had the idea to ask the tourist office, across the parking lot from the castle, if they knew where Tilia could ride a horse. The woman at the tourist office was very helpful. She looked up horse farm numbers and let us use the office phone to call around. I think we only called two places before we found a horse farm willing for us to drop by and ride.

An hour later we were at the farm. To be honest I'm not exactly sure how we made it there, the directions were a little fuzzy and the roads full of obscure turns sudden forks. We had to wing it a couple of times, but sure enough we pulled into a farm and were at the right place. And I'm so glad we made it too, the pony ride turned out to be a whole riding lesson and Tilia had the most fun she had on the whole trip.

Here's a few choice shots from her ride, and a few other random shots from that day.

oroboros on 12/3/2011 8:58:35 PM