Was a Part of It

I can't believe it's been three months since I posted the first set of photos from our New York trip, and that was three months after the trip itself. While time tends to be unrelenting, prioritizing photography can get somewhat difficult. You can only borrow so much time from the future before it comes due, and by then, as is generally accepted, you only have about half as much done as you really need to.

But in my defense, I have been taken with giving every photo I choose a bit more attention than I used to inside the Photoshops, and the work is taking me quite a bit more time. To many this may speak of stylistic excess, but for me it is something else. I find myself trying to capture my fading memories as the months pass by, and I want to linger a little longer over every detail, even as that detail gets a little gauzy as I think back upon it. The photograph becomes just slightly more abstract and my thinking about the experience of it becomes a little less real, a little more remote.

So I hope you can grasp a little of the fun had in NYC, and all the amazing sights we saw. Even after many months and the immediacy of the experience has started to step into the background of memory, at least a vision of the experience remains.

oroboros on 12/24/2017 10:54:31 PM