Spring Broke

Even though it is so hot today (May 10th, 2019, one of multiple days of 80+ degree weather, and inferno for us temperate, tepid Seattleites) I hesitate to move on from those nice snowy and cold pictures from last year's winter, I think nonetheless it is time to post this small album from last spring.

The first part is from an early April weekend trip to Portland, our second city if one must rule out Vancouver because of things such as a hardened border, where we went to the Portland Art Museum to see an incredibly fascinating exhibition about the stop motion animation company Laika Studios, and it rained the entire visit.

The second part is from Seattle's beloved Kubota Gardens in early June, which I wandered as I waited for Tilia and her friend Adele to learn techniques of the subtle art of soapstone carving at a little pavilion overlooking the koi pond.

That place is shocking to see in the spring! It is recommended. Another shock I must share in this post is this is the last before I start posting photos from our summer Europe trip! They will start coming online in about a month, give or take. There will be three albums from both Prague and Berlin, and two somewhat smaller ones from London. So be prepared to be stunned all over again!

oroboros on 5/10/2019 10:46:16 PM