The World Last Winter

On Friday the temperature reached 94° at our house. We have hit the hottest part of the summer, and I thought this was the best time to look back into the past, way back about seven months ago. Do you remember the winter from hell, cold and snows that we all thought would never end, the roads all iced over and being stranded inside our homes for days at a time?

Well, it wasn't all bad. It was actually kind-of nice. At least for a few days. Believe me, I was truly sick of the snow as winter wore on. And as spring approached and we were still getting snow flurries I wondered if we would miss summer altogether this year.

But we didn't and now we can look back fondly at those remote days and and ponder the completely abstract concepts of 'cold' and 'my car is stuck in that snow drift'. The city was an entirely different place back then, and I have the photographic evidence to prove it – have a look at this series I took along Lake Washington (generally in the Mount Baker area), Greenwood, and on my street. Enjoy.

oroboros on 7/19/2009 10:55:33 AM