To Montreal, Part IV

In this set is the last couple of days we spent in Quebec City. It was an absolutely beautiful place to visit, we spent three nights, July 1st through 4th, and determined that was exactly the right amount of time to stay. Don't get me wrong, the European-style city is absolutely stunning and will leave you feeling like you just stepped off onto the other side of the Atlantic, but it is also a huge tourist destination and is quite geared towards large bustling tourist crowds. So you may have to look a little off the beaten path to have the authentic Quebec City experience, but it is there and well worth the visit.

Before you dive into the photos, a couple of interesting facts about Quebec City: permanently settled in 1608, it is one of oldest European cities in North America, and is also currently the only walled city North of Mexico. Sweet! Enjoy the shots!

oroboros on 10/10/2010 2:49:57 PM