So after our wait we got on a bus that took us through a 15-minute maze of rural roads, past farms and hanging laundry, when we finally arrived at Knowth. And from the first sight it was incredible – just to see these tombs that were erected as far back as 5000 years ago and have been such a huge part of the landscape ever since. Granted I'm a total geek about these kinds of things, but it really took my breath away.

Newgrange would have been cool to see – which every winter solstice captures a ray of sunlight that makes a slow trek up its central passage from end to end, sunrise to sunset – but Knowth and all of its megalithic rock art was just about as cool. Besides, it's one more reason to go back to that amazing isle, eh?

oroboros on 10/30/2011 7:01:52 PM