Christmas in Sutter Creek

After a long silence I am back with a new post. Fatherhood has been completely amazing, even beyond words. But it has kept me too busy to do much with my website, except for a few scattered blog meta-posts. I'm back for a quick one though, I have to get these California Christmas shots up before the season gets too late.

Alex grew up in Oakland until the age of nine. She spent the next nine years out in California's gold country, where her parents still live. They live on a few acres outside of the town Sutter Creek, and it is just beautiful there. And that's the subject of this set, all of the shots are taken in an area within about 300 yards of the house. I hope these photos can portray at least a little bit of the natural beauty that I found there.

I have noted which of the photos are infrared for those interested.

oroboros on 1/10/2009 9:54:29 PM