The Hawaiian Trip, Part 2

This second post covers our third day on Hawaii. On that day Alex, Alia and I took another road trip, but this time we went to the southern coast of the island. We were near the volcano, but since we already had a trip planned to go there on the next day we only went as far as the Punalu'u Black Sand beach.

We also heard about a beach in the area with green sand, rumored to be the only green sand beach in the world (though this seems to be untrue). It sounded like something we must see, but it was out of our way and required a four mile hike round trip that we weren't prepared for. Oh well, gotta leave things to do for a second visit!

Since recurring themes seem to carry through all three posts, a recurring theme itself you might say, here are things you may see while browsing this post: black sand, tidal forces, long shadows, a painted church, zebra love. I hope you find the natural beauty of Hawaii as intriguing as I did!

oroboros on 3/15/2008 9:31:13 AM