Last Year's Leftovers

Here is a very long overdue album. I have tarried too long on the mountain, as they say. Actually I have four other albums ready to post (and not to mention this year's Europe trip, which I'm working on now). The biggest reason for delay was a problem I was having with my site host, though I won't get into details here, which grew to a point where I decided to move to a new host. But with everything up and running again, nothing is holding me back.

This album includes three separate trips from last year. The first was last spring, up to Birch Bay, which is north of Bellingham and not far from the Canadian border, for my brother's 50th birthday. The second was early summer down to Portland with David and Gibson, where we stayed on a sail boat on the river (at David's insistence), and generally enjoyed some light debauchery. And the third was in late summer, back up to just north of Birch Bay, to stay at the Semiahmoo resort. The resort is on this pencil-thin peninsula that juts out into Semiahmoo Bay. If you stand at the tip of the peninsula and look out across the bay you can see the Peace Arch border crossing, and all the cars lined up to go across.

The Semiahmoo trip was also during that apocalyptic smoke event of that year (and that being before we learned the apocalyptic smoke event would be recurring this year), and this album also includes a few shots taken from here in Seattle, just about a mile from my house up on top of Mount Baker ridge.

oroboros on 10/27/2018 11:58:19 AM