Last Two Days in Paris

Our last couple days in Paris were just as action packed as the others. One day we left at the crack of dawn to go out to Disneyland Paris. Tillie was literally bouncing off the pavement in anticipation as Alex and I were bracing for a long and tiring day of standing in lines. Thankfully we got a shuttle bus to and from the park that gave us a good hour of rest before and after the visit.

And the experience was... a hot, crowded and tiring day filled with standing in lines. Oh, and also interspersed with very brief bursts of activity on the rides. Tillie loved every minute of it, and I loved every minute of her experiencing Disneyland, through her eyes it was nothing short of a wonder. Through my own eyes, well I apologize in advance for the meaningless photographic abstractions that kept me (at least) mildly entertained through our visit.

Also included is our trip through the Paris Catacombs, another experience that Tillie was thrilled by. I had been through before, and the long line that took three hours of waiting to get through hardly seemed worth it. But Tilia was so enthusiastic, and this such a departure from her "normal" experience, how could we possibly say no?

Lastly are photos from our ride up the Eiffel Tower. Funny that this was my third trip to Paris and I had never had the desire to go up before. It always just seemed like one of those tourist destinations that ultimately doesn't bring you to closer to the real place you are visiting, but I have to say–the view from 900 feet over Paris was absolutely breathtaking.

oroboros on 9/19/2015 10:21:27 AM