Oregon 2017

Approaching a year and a half from when I actually shot these photos, I'm still playing catch-up. It is strange how quickly life moves by as you age; not only does the October, 2017 trip to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast seem like it was only a handful of months ago, as every month passes I take more photos. And as the number of photos to post on the site grows, at the speed I go I will never get caught up in any sort of time frame. It seems from here that as time accelerates what can be accomplished diminishes, but I still try!

On this trip we did something different. For the past 20 or so years of visiting Lincoln City, with the few exceptions where we stayed in towns like Newport or Bandon, other than wander the miles of beaches in Lincoln City itself, the only other coastal areas we have explored have been to the south, such as the spouting horns in Depoe Bay. But this trip Ellen, Gibson and me went to the north of Lincoln City, and I was actually quite shocked at the beauty of the coast north of the 45th parallel.

I hope my photos distill at least a fraction of the experience of visiting these wonders along the coast, which include Pacific City, Sand Lake, Cape Lookout, and Netarts Bay. Enjoy!

oroboros on 3/1/2019 10:28:54 PM