The Next Few Days in Paris

Over the next few days we covered a lot of territory. We visited the amazing Centre Pompidou modern art museum, took a sunset riverboat cruise on the Seine (something I would never have chosen but ended up thoroughly enjoying), and stopped in the Jardin du Luxembourg–a great park we somehow find ourselves visiting every time we go to Paris.

I also found a series of the Passages of Paris just a few blocks from our apartment and spent a little time wandering through them. They are a group of alleyways that were covered with glass roofs in the 19th century and made into boutique markets. Now they contain various curio shops, restaurants, and even a hotel in the earliest one, Passage des Panoramas.

Walking through passages was an experience I found not dissimilar from roaming the lower floors of Pike Place Market here in Seattle. But oddly, as seeming a tourist destination as they were, the Passages were one of the few places in Paris where the majority of the people wandering about were speaking French! The passages are certainly geared for visiting crowds, but it would seem they are an attraction more beloved by the locals.

oroboros on 9/13/2015 12:25:32 PM