Last Year, Nearing Labor Day

Continuing my catch-up, here is an album from late August, 2017 when the fam went to Ocean Shores on a two-night camping extravaganza with Adam and Justin. It was an amazing camping trip at a place I hadn't been since I was probably younger than Tilia.

It was a visually striking area, and I think I caught just about every aspect of our visit. I had a lot of fun taking these photos, and just as much extracting from the photos both a physical representation of the trip's aspects, and my memory of it, which is of course, like all memories, a fairly degraded copy.

When processing these photos I did my best to incorporate both into the results, as is always my goal. Once I finished working on this set I came to realize that it is one of my of my personal favorites. Cheers!

Oh, one more thing. Just so I don't confuse you I wanted to mention that there are also some photos I took during the solar eclipse that happened a few weeks prior, one is even the view I have from my office at work.

oroboros on 11/18/2018 12:48:10 PM