The Hawaiian Trip, Part 1

Our Hawaii trip finally came! We had been waiting for almost a year, but our seven day trip starting February 16th was here at last. Alex and I could not wait to get away from the dark, damp Seattle winter. Neither of us had been to Hawaii before, and for both of us it turned out to truly be better than we ever could've expected. With 82° weather all year round, lush rain forests and beautiful beaches on warm and clear waters, the only way to describe Hawaii is paradise.

And we also had a lot of fun spending time with my mom, step father Gerald, and niece Alia. And thanks goes out to mom and Ger for renting the condo! That was truly an amazing thing to do for us.

Now I took a lot of photos in Hawaii. I even got some flak for always having my Nikon D50 in front of my face, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't be able to bring you all of these gorgeous shots. There are so many to share, in fact, that I'm breaking the trip into three separate posts. This post covers the first two days of the trip. All of the shots from the first day are from the beach right in front of our condo complex in Kona. The shots from the second day are from a road trip Alia, Alex and me took all the way to the northern tip of the big island, to a town called Kapaau where we saw a statue of the Big Kahuna himself, King Kamehameha.

You may notice recurring themes in this set because, as in most things, just one point of view cannot accurately describe the situation. The recurring themes may include the following: hieroglyphs, banyan trees, volcanic rocks, tropical waters, hanging loose. I hope you enjoy seeing the bigger picture!

oroboros on 3/15/2008 10:01:47 AM