Summer in Montreal, Part 1

Our summer trip to Montreal was one for the books. Well actually it's one for the books that we even made it, after Alex's crazy-scary night we weren't sure we could make it happen. And we remained unsure until mid-morning, hours after our plane took off and several rounds of deliberation, when we decided we didn't want to cancel the whole trip. And at the time we weren't completely sure we made the right choice to go, but by the time we settled in to our awesome apartment in the Plateau, we realized that nothing could stop us.

So we took the next seven days fairly slow, but we all had such a great time that none of us had a second thought about going. And it's no wonder, Montreal is such a relaxed and friendly place I don't think it could've been any different.

And of course there's Kenny, Anne-Marie, and the kids. It was so freaking great to see them again and check out how their life is going. Tillie, Lawrence and David Olivier fit together so well it was like they had always known each other, it was such a trip and heart-warming delight to watch them.

Well here is the first part of the week we spent in Montreal. Included are a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which was hosting the traveling Pompeii exhibit that visited Seattle a couple years ago (though the exhibit itself was startlingly different); a fireworks show that was part of the Fireworks Festival that was going on at the time; a rain storm we got caught in; and multiple trips to the huge and beautiful park a couple of blocks from our apartment, Parc La Fontaine; and random photos from our meandering through the city. Enjoy!

oroboros on 10/7/2016 10:52:10 AM