London Calling, Yes, I Was There, Too

Our last stop on this trip was London. We decided to take a detour here for the last couple of days because Tilia had requested it. And who are we to deny her desire to see a particular place? She wanted a voice on trip which she was not exactly excited for, so we thought it might help to give her a say. And in the end, it worked wonders, and then we found ourselves in London. We had been there before (Alex and I), though it had been a decade and a half. But the London I remember from those several years ago was not the London I found when we arrived.

It was just a short two hour flight from Berlin, and then what seemed like another hour on the train aboard the Stansted Express into London. We splurged on a posh hotel in South Bank (on one of the great bends of the Thames and not far from the Tate Modern, which for me is something like a special treat), where most of these photos were taken.

Well, I think I've waited as long as I can to post this album. It's been almost two months since the last one, and I'm half way through my final set of London pictures (and the end of the long 2018 trip). So enjoy my impressions, and a few more to come soon!

oroboros on 11/13/2020 10:30:10 PM