Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery

On our way to our next destination in Northern Ireland we stopped at Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, a grouping of about 30 visible tombs built back in the day, about 5,500 years ago. The largest tomb on the Carrowmore grounds is a stone cairn 13 feet high and 112 feet in diameter. Buried in the center of the cairn is a large limestone dolmen. The cairn has been excavated on one side so you can enter the structure and see the dolmen. Cool stuff to see.

Carrowmore is just over three miles south of the town of Sligo, where I found the surname Duncan is relatively common (whereas I didn't find it in any other part of Ireland). Could my mother's ancestors have come from this area? Seems very possible.

One more exciting thing happened while visiting Carrowmore. While out walking the grounds of the cemetery we ran into none other than Tilia's French friend Louise and her family. It was a great surprise and Tillie was beside herself with joy to get to play with her newest friend again.

oroboros on 2/12/2012 5:12:53 PM